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The Best Places To Enjoy Coffee With Sunrise In Arizona

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Every day brings a new opportunity and positivity, and the day becomes even more beautiful if you are in Arizona. Truth be told, Arizona is known for its natural and captivating landscapes and sunrise is the most beautiful part of this desert landscape. So, if you live here or are just visiting Arizona, we suggest that you grab a cup of coffee and hit the spots mentioned in this article to enjoy the sunrise in its full glory!

Airport Mesa (Sedona)

If you want to have a look at the perfect sunrise, Airport Mesa is the ultimate place because of the natural rock figures and long-stream viewing. From Airport Mesa, you can get the views from the road and there is a hiking trail for sportsy people. So, find the right spot and watch the sunrise over courthouse butte and bell rock!

Doe Mountain

There is nothing better than experiencing a sunrise in a 360-degrees view and Doe Mountain is the ultimate spot for such a view. However, to experience this sunrise, you have to take a 450-feet hike (it can be covered in a few minutes) and sip on your coffee while enjoying the yellow, pink, and orange hues of the sunrise. Not to forget, from this spot, you can also view the downtown.

Sugarloaf Trail

Well, drive to the Little Elf and you will a compact parking lot and you can take up the short hike on the trail and find the most amazing sunrise view. Also, once you’ve watched the sunrise, sip that espresso and hike to the cliff, and enjoy Devil’s Kitchen.

Camelback Mountain

If you are around Phoenix, hike the Camelback Mountain if you want to enjoy the sunrise while sipping on some Zona Coffee Phoenix blend once you get to the top. What’s best about Camelback Mountain is that it has a cooler temperature (any lower temp helps) and you will have a 360-view of sunrise.

Mather &Yaki Points

This spot provides a front seat to the canyon’s walls and the sunrise will look extremely exquisite. These two spots are perfect for catching the dazzling sunrise while sipping on some coffee and you can walk to the spot by taking an orange shuttle bus. However, let us warn you that Mather Point can be crowded, so go to Yaki Point for an intimate and quiet start to the morning.

The View Hotel

If you are going to Monument Valley, book The View Hotel and enjoy the sunrise with rock formations from your private balcony (don’t forget to bring your favorite Zona Coffee with you). However, if you aren’t staying at the hotel, just hit the tribal park visitor center and you will enjoy the most impressive vantage point.

Saguaro National Park (East District)

This place is in Tucson and offers the most stunning views of sunrise for people who want to absorb the morning light. The park itself opens at 7 AM but you can watch the sunrise pop over the mountains from pullouts and vistas while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

The Peaks Tower

If you are in Flagstaff, The Peaks tower is the ultimate spot to enjoy sunrise while sipping on some Zona Coffee Flagstaff blend. In addition, you can even see the north rim of the canyon, so what’s stopping you?

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