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Bring water, enjoy your hike and then drink COFFEE!

Arizona has a TON of parks and all of those parks are FULL of beautiful trails.

One of my favorite trails is located at the Superstition Mountains. It’s called

Siphon Draw and it is a very challenging! You can access it through Lost

Dutchman State Park and you must come prepared so you can have a safe

and enjoyable time! One way I prepare for a hard hike is to pack one liter of

water per hour, salty snacks and a first aid kit. On my hike I like to think about

my reward at the end which is almost always a nice cup of coffee while I sit

and enjoy a nice view of the desert! Is there any better way to wind down than

by kicking your feet up with a good cup of joe? I think not. But keep in mind,

none of this happens if you're not smart about the beginning. Remember, ONLY

YOU can prevent first responders from having to put their cup of coffee down

to rescue you. Be prepared, have a plan and enjoy the beauty of state 48.

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